We perform roof repair on all types of commercial roofs and residential roofs, including:

  • commercial built up roofing (tar and gravel)
  • commercial single ply roofing
  • commercial sloped roofing
  • residential shingle roofing
  • residential tile roofing
  • sheet metal roofing

Our most common roofing services include:

  • roof repairs (from hail damage, wind damage, ice damage, wear and tear,and improper installation)
  • roof replacement / re­roofing
  • tenant finishes (for commercial buildings)
  • gutter and downspout repairs, replacement, and installation
  • roof drain repairs
  • roof leak repairs
  • roof inspections (for commercial buildings)
  • general maintenance (which helps prolong the life of a roof)

We’re also experienced at new roof installations, and we work on all sizes of roofing projects, from single family homes to large industrial complexes, from homeowners association buildings to highrises.